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    Increase Child Support?


    Can child support be increased when a person finds a better paying job than what he/she had when court finalized judgement for a certain amount on child support per month?

    If so, when a peron is unemployed, can that person goto the court and ask that it be decreased?

    How would someone ask for child support to be increased? Is it based on the age of the child?

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    Either party can file a modification to increase or decrease support based on a change in circumstances. If the CP makes more money and the NCP finds out, the NCP can file for a downward modification. If the NCP makes more money and the CP finds out, the CP can file for an upward modification. If either party loses a job or is laid off, either party can file for a modification.

    However, some states limit how long of time can pass between modifications. In some states it's one year, some two, some three. I don't know OK laws, but there is a link on this board to the laws of all states.

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