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    Question Military Dependant status for my brother

    Hello, I am trying to get some help on making my brother my legal dependant, but I keep getting the run around. If there is anyone out there that can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Here's my problem. I am 26 yrs old and I am in the Military. My brother is 16yrs and he currently lives with me and my husband in Texas, and my mother lives in MIssouri. I am due to go overseas in approximately 2 - 2 1/2 months and in order for my brother to go with us he has to be my dependant. Basically, my husband and I are trying to get custody of him, but we keep getting the run around. The Military (DFAS) requires a legal document signed by a judge, my husband and I, and my mother saying that my mother gives us full custody of my brother. My problem is that I've talked to different lawyers and each one tells me something different. Some say that they think that a Management Conservativeship will safice, others say I need to get an attorney to represent us, my mother needs to just sign a wavier saying she consents to this and doesn't require a hearing, and get an attorney to represent his father, place an ad in the paper to try and notify him since no one knows where he is, and that the entire process could possibly take up to 3 months (which we just do not have), and cost about $1500. If there is anyone out there that knows what kind of inexpensive documents we can use to get this done, and can give me the information on how to obtain them, or what I can do besides/instead of that/ those process(es), or just any information to help me ease this process along I would be most gracious. I have been trying to get these documents in the works since October, yet with no luck. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Thanks in advance,

    Big Sister Taking on the role of mom!

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    As far as I know - having gone through this to get dependant status for my daughter when I married my husband (her step-dad) you have to have an actual LEGAL CUSTODY ORDER to have dependancy status. But, just to be sure instead of asking attorneys why not go to the DEERS office and ask them directly what specifically you need in order to have him considered your dependant -- they will have the most accurate info as to what they want to see.
    You haven't mentioned if you have spoken to base legal yet? They cannot represent you BUT they can offer you information, direction and referrals to other sources of assitance (ie cheaper legal representation, documents, etc). Plus, like DEERS, they can advise you as to what specific documents the military wants to have for this to happen.
    Your best bet, considering the added issue of the boy's father is to get legal counsel to represent you and make sure all i's are dotted and t's crossed -- I would suggest asking base legal for a referral (they often have the names/#'s of attorneys who are willing to work withing limited budgets or on pay arrangements)
    I wish you the best of luck**************.

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