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    mom has sole cusody but father wants joint

    The mother of my daughter has sole custody of her at this time. We live in north carolina. I pay child support regularly but would like to get joint custody of my daughter being that my daughter spends the night with my mother 3 to 5 nights a week. She stays with me 1 to 2 nights and her mom about 2 nights also. I feel that for reasons in the best interest of my daughter that I should receive joint custody for stability in my daughter's life. What are my chances? My daugher is 3...i been paying child support for 2 years.

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    This is only an opinion but since the child is already spending this much time with you I think the odds are good. You can also go to this web site to see if you can find more laws on custody. Also consult a lawyer if possible. Good Luck.

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    I agree that joint custody may be granted, but once you file for it, your ex may get upset and could decide to exercise her full custody rights and not allow you to see your child at all except for what your visitation allows for. And if you are not granted joint custody, that may continue for good. I would leave well enough alone. After all, you are seeing more of your child than most NCP's do. It won't change the amount of time you see her anyway.

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    I agree that you ex may get upset but you do have the right to have joint custody of your daughter and if you feel it is in her best interests for you to have joint custody, you may have a fight on you hands but if you have a good lawyer and win it will be worth it. I think you should fight it out!! Just make sure you get a good lawyer and call around to a few before you pick one.

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    My husband was in your situtation and filed for joint custody. Biomother pulled the "I am the person in control" thing and kept his kids from him for many weeks and monthes......until my husband got it heard in court. It took 3 yrs but was worth it. He now has joint legal and physical custody, reduced child support, and can file one of his children on taxes. If you have the documentation that you did have your daughter and you are current on child support then get a good attorney. I am not sure if this is the site Grace had directed you to or not but another good site that my husband and I relied on a bit was [url]www.rosen.com.[/url] Has lots of info about divorces and child support and custody in NC. Good luck and good for you for realizing how important a Daddy is to a daughter's life!

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