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    Brotherispain Guest

    Need Help with Warrants & Felony for Child Support

    What is the name of your state? Illinois

    My ex has several warrants and felonies allready processed for Failure to Support a Dependent Child, as well as a 15 page record. He lives VERY close by. He has not seen our 8 yr old daughter in 7 years, as he was given no visitation or custody. This was due to his violent behavior and failure to show up at Supervised visitation that was scheduled for his opportunity to build a relationship with his daughter.

    He moved to FL for years to avoid paying child support, but has returned 6 months ago. Another warrant was issued in November, and also a felony for Failure to Support a Dependent Child, but none of these have been served. I have exhausted myself trying to get help through our County States Attorney, the Sheriff's Dept, the Detective Division and and the Sheriff's Dept he lives in just down the road from us. I get no return calls and he is still running around scott free. I can't believe standing warrants and felonies aren't viewed as a priority.

    What can I do to get these warrants and felonies served to him before he moves again? I have not received court ordered support for over three years, am battling breast cancer and need this money to raise my daughter. Should I call the detective daily?? Or who can I write to to expedite. Once jailed, his bail/bond is applied to child support.

    Please help me.

    Thank you for your advice

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    lcollins Guest
    If phone calls get you nowhere, go camp out at their door, and see them in person. If this gets you no where, try writing to the local paper or TV station. I think they may decide it worthwhile to serve his warrants if they have people poking around wanting to know why they let a deadbeat like that get away with it. I did the same thing. They issued an order to incarcerate on my ex for failure to pay, and the woman at CSE said they wouldn't serve it, because the county we live in will not pick him up on it. I wrote a letter to our local paper, and lo and behold, the next week, the attempted to serve the warrant at his last known address (which was his Dad's, who called and warned him to stay away, but hey, they tried). I know this sounds drastic, but desperate times, call for desperate measures, especially if you've exhausted all other avenues.

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