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    me2sweetlu Guest

    Out of control Teen

    What is the name of your state? Florida

    I currently live in Michigan, but my divorce was in Florida. I have a 13 year old daughter who is completely out of control. She constanty yells profanities at me, my live in boyfriend, and her siblings. She hits, throws things and makes life absolutely miserable for everyone in the house. She has expressed that she wants to live with her father in Florida. At first I didn't want her to go for many different reasons but have lately changed my opinion. I am hoping that her father can do her some good and get her on the right track. She is failing school and has been suspended 4 times in 7 weeks. My ex sent me some papers to sign but I am not sure of them. For one thing it states that "Wife waives notice of hearing as well as all future notices in connection with the Supplemental Petition as filed." They also only give his work address and phone number. Does this sound right?
    Is there such a thing as a temporary custody modification?
    What happens if I just send her there without filing papers?
    Does that mean I am giving up my rights?
    His main concern is the child support order. Is there anything we can do to stop the child support without him getting into legal trouble?
    Thank-you toanyone who has some answers or advise.

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    Grace_Adler is offline Senior Member
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    I wouldn't sign anything without a lawyer looking it over and I sure wouldn't sign that paper that was sent to you.

    If your child goes to live with him, you need to have a residential address and phone no. to get in contact with her.

    What kind of custody arrangement do you have now? Is it court ordered? Is the child support court ordered? Is CSE collecting it?

    Yes there is such a thing as temp custody but usually doesn't stay temp.

    You can't give up or have your rights taken away unless you sign them over or give him sole custody. If he gets sole custody then you don't have much say in your child's life you just get to file for visitation.

    You're going to have to have the child support court order (assuming you have one) terminated in order for him not to get into trouble.

    You can try to go for some type of joint custody plan (if you don't already have one). With shared parenting time.

    Go here to learn more about custody and visitation:

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    me2sweetlu Guest
    Thank-you Grace.
    We have shared parental rights. He pays child support through the state of Florida and yes it is court ordered. I am at my wits end but don't want him to claim abandonment if I just ship her off to Florida. I have been trying to find a laywer down there but am not having much luck. I have contacted a few here in MI but none are licensed to practice in FL.

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    Grace_Adler is offline Senior Member
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    So you have joint legal custody and you have physical right now?

    You can file, or he can to have physical custody placed with him or you can leave it as is and see how it goes. But you can still keep it legal joint. You need to file where the court order was issued or one of you can file for a change of venue but I'm not sure how all that works.

    He can't have anything done on abandonment unless you don't support or see her. At least, not as far as I know.

    You'll have to ask CSE to drop the child support once she starts living with him and explain the situation. You'll probably both have to go to court to have it terminated but I'm not sure.

    There's a link at the top of the page that asks if you need a lawyer. You can click on that. I also believe the following web sites have links where you can look for one:

    Also you might want to look up the state statutes on a search engine regarding custody.

    You can also call the bar association in FL to try to find an attorney there.

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    kimmdollar Guest

    Unhappy shared parenting

    Grace, Hi, Kim here, how's your situation working out? I've come across the same problem, my 15 yr. old son has decided he wants to go to Ohio (we're in NY) to live with his dad. I've always had custody of both our boys, we were never married. I figure my son will go there and in 3 mos. be wanting to come home. They always think the grass is greener on the other side. The school in Ohio says a tranfer of temp. gaurdiansip was not good enough to let him attend school there, he needed to reside with the parent that has custody.
    No way I'm giving him custody of my son. If dad had his act together, I wouldn't mind so much about letting my son go, but dad is messed up..unemployed, way behind in child support,never sees/contacts the boys, other things that aren't a very good influence,...Yet if I tell my son "no" then I'm the bad guy.
    Anyway, he sent me a paper (not very official looking) saying if I sign then he can take to courthouse and they will give him papers for the school saying that the order of shared custody is in process, and this should let him into school.
    I need to find out exactly what "shared parenting entails, and make sure this is worded correctly before I sign anything.
    Am very curious to know how you made out? Kim

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    Antares Guest
    I have two daughters who have moved between my ex and myself with no papers ever being filed. The only official custody order is the original, which gives me custody.

    We have the advantage that he pays support to me directly, so he just stopped sending it.

    Can you simply send him his support back during the trial period? I know....I'm in a similar situation with my second ex and there's no way he'll trust me to do that, but it's an idea....

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    kimmdollar Guest
    It's not the support I'm concerned with. We have another son he still has to pay for, plus he's 12,000 dollars behind in support. My biggest thing is that the school where his dad lives won't let my son in until the father shows that he has custody. The one he resides with has to have custody in order for him to attend school. I have always had full custody, but I'm willing to do a shared custody (whoever the child is with has custody at that time). I just don't trust signing these papers he sent me until I have a lawyer look them over, and I just can't afford one at this time. Then it will still take time to go through court. Kim

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