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    Are the papers legal?

    What is the name of your state?Texas

    Can someone tell me what this means in custody papers?

    Relief Not Granted: It is ordered that all relief requested in this case and not expressly granted is denied.

    Does it mean that the judge denied the case and the papers are not legal?

    Please help me with this.


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    What it means is that everything that was asked for, except what the judge officially said "OK" on, is denied.

    Lets say you filed for pri**** custody, supervised visitation to be paid for by the NCP, $1,000 a month child support, for the NCP to pay 100% of medical bills, 100% of daycare, cover the child on insurance, for the NCP to pay all your attorney fees, and $1,000 a month alimony. This is the "relief" you were asking for. (Relief being the legal-ese version of "This is what I want")

    The judge granted you physical custody, $500 a month child support, the NCP is to cover the child on insurance and pay 1/2 of uninsured medical, unsupervised visitation according to the TX standard possession order. That's it. That's all the judge granted.

    So... the "relief" you didn't get is: $1,000 a month in alimony, no supervised visitation, no 100% of daycare costs, no attorney fees, only $500 a month in CS and the NCP only being responsible for 50% of medical. These things that you requested were effectively "denied".

    If the judge didn't expressly "grant" something requested (relief), then it is effectively "denied".

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