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    if you were to call and PAY for a lawyer, over 15 miles they would either A. laugh at you right then and there or B. take more of your money and laugh at you later....

    Personally I would rather have someone lay me out on a free message board****************************

    "It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men." Frederick Douglas
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    christinaylor Guest
    So, I wasn't the only one who missed all the other issues mentioned in the original post. Guess that's part of the genetically defective Georgian hillbilly in me.

    Some of us have real distance issues to deal with. Try putting your six year old on a plane to fly 3000 miles. Alone. Then check back with someone here. Fighting over fifteen miles is pathetic.

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    Corroded Guest
    Well, in all fairness, everyone has "real issues" even if you don't think they're issues to you. No point in minimizing other folks issues. 15 miles, 200 miles, 3000 miles, or half a world... it's all a matter of perspective.
    Also, people forget that Judges and lawyers are doing a job... if "judges and lawyers roll their eyes and get damn tired of dealing with divorced parents and custody issues" then maybe it's time for a career change. They get paid well to do what they do... so they should just shut it.

    Also, adding Stealth into the heap of hexes and others isn't really fair. Just my opinion.

    Later! FJguy

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    Hey I have a problem with 5 minutes from my house to ex's...lol no kidding

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    Ex Is Nuts Guest
    Well, finally some decent replies.... Thanks

    Look folks... here's the way I see it...

    This board was created by someone, evidentally in the interest of "helping others". Sadly, it appears that some "hot heads" who are either sick & burned out with their profession, or just have a need to be "nasty" towards others, have decided to join this board and give ou ttheir own wonderful "sattire"..... So rather than this being a place consiting of information, it seems it has turned to an insult arena...

    I would have to agree with fryziuk when she said:
    I understand w/any job you get burn out and synical. However, if you are then dont participate. I dont mean to be short, but whrn people come here and ask a question, I am sure they have alot of stress and alot on their minds. They do not know the legal jargon, terms, or rules...that is why they are asking. A nice direct answer, without attitude would be nice.
    I mean, in my own profession, I get people who come to me all the time asking, what seems to me, stupid questions.... But they are people.... and they have not gone to school for what I have, and they don't know what I know... to me, it's simple stuff. But to them, it is a real question, to which they have a real concern, so you have to take a step back, and realize at some point in your life, you didn't have all the answers and knowledge you have now, and that quite possibly, had you chosen a different route, it could have been YOU asking these "stupid" questions.

    For everyone that comes in here, they have their own questions, and to them they ARE important... just as in mine.... picking up and dropping off is quite the problem for us. So I asked, what is the "norm"? Crap, I dunno.... So what do I get? A bunch of sarcastic unecessary replies... So why is 15 miles such an inconvenience? Gee, it seems so unimportant! It's ONLY 15 miles!!! Simply because, we own 2 businesses, and work generally somewhere between 80 and 90 hours per week. But here her ex is, always expecting the 2 of US to close our businesses, or whatever necessary, to get the kids to him. And when we WERE meeting at the police station, that DID happen. I had to be at one business, and she had to be at the other. Come 6:00, it was his time to have the kids.... both businesses were still open.... and we were short handed on employees... so what did we do? We had to shut one business down to go take him the kids.....

    It's not a case of sitting on my "lazy ass" at home.... just wanting to make "trouble" for the other guy. It isn't just a case of wanting to watch Monday night football, whereas taking the kids to see their dad would interrupt me seeing who scores the next TD. It's a matter of trying to get something that is "equitable for all", that doesn't hurt/hinder our own business practice, and our attempt at trying to make a living!

    The bum doesn't pay CS, doesn't pay the kids medical, doesn't pay insurance, doesn't pay ANYTHING! We've been tied up in court with him for the last several years (just so Hex knows since he said it was my fiancee's prob for not taking care of this) trying to get the court to do something... but instead, the judges keep giving him leniency (in thier so devine wisdom), and let the situation continue.... So here were are, several years later, with all the court costs, all the lawyers fees, and can't get crap accomplished thanks to our humble justice system. So once again, we are going to take him back to court (last time we went, the judge was so sweet and allowed the jackass one year to comply with paying CS and all the other stuff, which he hasn't done). Maybe this time, our fine judicial system might get off it's rump and do something????? HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah right!!! Anyway... as I said, the judge gave him one year, in which time we were not allowed to bring him back to court for anything relating to CS issues... well, his one year is expired, so now we're once again filing contempt charges. In the process, we were trying to fix a few of the other things that are causing probs, which was the whole reason for my question to begin with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But the whole point is... I asked as simple question.... "What is the 'norm' for pick up and drop off of the children, as it relates to the custodial parent?". But instead of an answer, I got a bunch of sarcastic BS because someone sitting on their throne on high wanted to pop in and tell all the lowly humans how stupid and ignorant they are.... There is no need to have to defend one's situation, or question, or have to write a damned book to defend/explain themselves************** IF YOU SEE A POST AND THINK IT IS STUPID OR YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T RESPOND!!!!!! Simple as that! What a Novel idea!!!!!!

    Look folks, if you don't have anything good to say in your responses, just do everyone a favor, and don't say anything at all..... The people who come here are coming here cuz they have a problem which is legit to THEM..... none of them need you adding your crap to their problems.... It's just that simple.....

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