I,m trying for a correction to a child support order issued by Alaska in 1988 against me, that was calculated wrong charging me way more than my earnings allowed. It was motioned for on 17 Oct 1988 as a reroactive modification request, issued on 1 Nov 1988 and effective as of 7 Jun 1988 with a beginning arrearage showing owed of nearly 10K. I submitted a motion for a correction to the court within a month after its issuance but the court stated my motion was defective. They never told me of the 1year limitation for corrections to mistakes on orders and I assumed I could if necessary, go back anytime later, for a correction. There was a forgiveness period and now the child support division in Alaska claims I owe well over $150k in child support. I had joint custody and upon the advice of an attorney,tried for full custody and lost, I now have 2weeks a year visitation for my 1 remaining minor child. My question: is the state required to inform me of any deadlines to corrections? I've spent a great deal of my limited earnings on my children and a great deal of time with them at family functions and according to state records, it doesn't look like it. All because of their mistake that they refuse to correct. is there anything I can do?