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Thread: reverse custody

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    reverse custody

    What is the name of your state? Minnesota

    how often does the court of appeals reverse custody? my husband's ex is requesting that custody be reversed granting her sole physical. the only think that has changed since the custody order is that she took the court ordered psychological exam and passed and took the court ordered co parenting classes. she also was said to have not signed a release form for GAL to talk with a conselor she had taken the child to but now has provided a letter from that counselor stating files got lost and she had signed a release. what are the chances they reverse it or that it goes back to district?

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    Does the current court order state that the mother must complete these things, and if she does, custody will revert back to her? How long has dad had custody? Did mom complete these things in line with the court order?

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    the court order for the co parenting class ordered that the class be completed by by January of 2002, and she just completed it in July 2003. the psychological exam was to be completed within 60? days of court order and I am not sure if it was completed in time or not. the current court order does not say it would be reversed once these things were completed. it does say that her providing daycare for the child (her request was denied) could be reviewed once these things were done, as far as the custody, i am not sure, i do know that it does not say custody would be reversed. my husband was granted temporary sole custody in September 2002 and it was made permanent May 2003, so the child has lived with us since Sept. 2002.

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    It sounds like he has a good chance to retain custody. He needs to keep in mind, it's not really about what she did or didn't do in time, it's about how well the kids are doing in his custody, how they're thriving, etc.

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