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    Sparqlz Guest

    Question Sex Offender Custody Rights

    Do convicted Sexual Offenders have custody rights to thier children in divorce? If so, how do I prevent my Husband getting Joint custody?

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    I'd rather not say


    If he's a sex offender, than I dont know if he'd have any rights, or at least have to have supervised visitation, is he a sex offender on file with the police?

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    Sparqlz Guest
    Yes, he is on the Kansas sex offender registry, he spent 27 months in Lansing Prison for that crime. He is in prison for the 3rd time now since his release for Parole Violations, he has failed his UA's for alcohol & Drugs. He does not pay the child support that was ordered through SRS, nor does he provide the Medical Insurance for her that was also ordered. We are not currently Divorced, but I want to file and I need to know what I can ask for & how I go about keeping as many rights in my corner as possible, as he is not very responsible and I worry for my daughter. I have also provided for her by myself for the last 3 years, the 1st year I lived with his mother while he was in prison. If you or anyone can tell me or refer me to a site that I can find out for free, it would be greatly appriciated.

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    Sparqlz Guest
    You have no idea how many people have asked me that! I met him when I was 16, and we had been on again off again ever since... I don't really think he would put my girl in danger, but he is very selfish and doesn't use his head. I am afraid that if he had her in his care, that she may suffer the consequences of that. I don't think he could handle her, not to mention he drinks way too much. What should I do?

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    Sparqlz Guest
    The problem with that is, he will be out Aug. 24th, and the idiot that passed the new laws made it so when he gets out this time, he will have no parole, no supervision... he will be home free. He has already completed drug & alcohol classes, and he went to group therapy for his crime. He was 19 and the girl was 13, but she would not testify and never stuck to the same story. So, as far as they were concerned, he was just a stupid kid thinking with the wrong area... Considering all those factors do you think a judge would order more classes & testing? Sometimes I wish I could have made my daughter by myself! The only thing I can see that works in my favor is that he has constantly been in trouble with the law, for the 7 years I have known him he has never been without a probation, diversion, correction or parole officer. That has to count for something, right? I have not had trouble with the law since I was 14.

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    Sparqlz Guest
    Oh, I will! Don't doubt that. That child is my whole world, I am just sorry her dad is a moron. Thank you for your advice, although I am sure alot of people wonder where was my head at. By the way, in the meantime, before I can get the money together to file for divorce, am I obligated to allow his loon girlfriend around me or my child? I always try to allow for him to visit with my Girl, only when me or his mother can supervise and only at his mom's house, regardless of what he is, he will always be her dad. I can't bring myself to keep her from at least knowing her dad, what he has done is not her fault, I just want to have the rights to say that something is not appropriate, such as him taking her anywhere, or her going to stay at his house. Do you think that is wrong, knowing all he has done? My family thinks so.

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    maybe I missed something but...

    Originally posted by pthalo
    pthalo shields his eyes from reading the name.. It doesn't matter hon.. I believe you.. You didn't need to tell us his name...
    If the poster just gave a registered sex offenders name I think everyone has the right to know! This is not the same as you posting your sons name. Sex offenders are public information and everyone should know who they are! I don't give a damn what state they are in. Maybe he will move to my state when he gets out and we all know how slow the reporting process is for sex offenders. I have one that lives in my town and he moved here in January and just two weeks ago they released his name.

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    ryry's mom:

    Do they release the names publically there? They don't even do that here. But I did learn that there is a database on line that you can go to and find out names and addresses. I think they have that in most states. BUT you have to know to look for it to find it.

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    Sparqlz Guest
    He is on the registry, I have checked myself, however, Aug. 24th he will be released again as he parole violated... anyhow, under new law, regardless of the 2 parole violations he has been sent back for, when he is released this time he will have no more parole, no supervision, free as a bird. Now, what I want to know is, will he still be registered? Will he still have to report to his neighbors that he is a sex offender?...

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    Sparqlz Guest
    There IS a national registery site, but we all know how slow the government is... When I checked to see if my husband was on it there he was, picture and all!

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    Sparqlz Guest
    I thought that too, but, and this is quite embarrasing to say as I seem to be surrounded by sex offenders, there has been new laws enacted, and 15 years ago my Uncle was convicted of a similar crime, yet, he is not required to be on the registery, however, he will be on parole for the next 13 years.
    On the other hand, my husband committed his crime in 1997, he has served 36 actual months, and 36 months parole, was posted on the registry, and will soon be left unsupervised. Personally, I think the old laws were more suitable as they were better supervised. Not everyone has access to the internet, not everyone thinks to go to the police station and ask if they have offenders in thier area, so who is watching these offenders?

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    Sparqlz Guest
    This is true, but my Uncle does not have harsh supervision, in most aspects. I don't believe either way is completely effective, there should be a happy medium, such as Parole, but maybe not quite as long as he is required, AND to be posted for public viewing. I do see your point, but sex offenders usually have a sickness, and I truly don't believe they should be left to themselves. How can we judge who will or won't be a repeat offender? My husband, for example, has been consistantly in trouble since his release, yet he is still being released scott free. My Uncle has been in no trouble, and followed all the rules, but he has another 13 years of this to look forward to. Also, most people don't seem to realize that the fees for being on parole, going to classes, lie detector tests every 60 to 90 days, and UA's are not cheap, and a man who was recently released after 15 years is not a great employee candidate... that is somewhat extravagant, don't you think?

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    Sparqlz Guest
    Ha Ha, you gotta get me a big sewing machine for all those letters!...

    I am not saying they should be punished forever, I am saying the laws should apply to all, not one way for one man and another for another man. The crimes they committed were the same, but one will spend 30 years of his life paying for it. The other will move on and do as he wishes... that is simply not fair. But, life never is, right?! I should have been in politics, I have gone and got myself all fired up! I hate when I do that, so I officially surrender the soap box....

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    Sparqlz Guest
    Then I will temporarily relinquish my soap box to you, as it appears that we will not come to full agreement on this... not to mention that nothing you or I say wil ever change it, yet I have to ask, you seem to be the Advisor of this forum, as I don't see you asking many questions of your own, why is that? You seem to have things figured out, which in turn motivates me to just do what I have to do for things to go my way. As I look back, I see the little I have written of the situations between my husband & myself, and he really does not look that good. Looking at it from what I think might be a judges point of view, how could anyone in thier right mind give him much responsibility over anything?? I must say I thank you for that...

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    knorris Guest

    Thumbs up Here's what they do in araknsas

    I am very pleased with the system we have here in arkansas to let us know where sex offenders are. they put up their picture and what they were convicted of with all their info on a bullentin board inside all the stores right by the front door. so everyone can see them when they walk by. they hate it but I am glad to know who they are. Kathie

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