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    savannah1 Guest
    can a court order a child to be put on ssi instead
    of making a parent pay child support? I am in texas,
    and am going for continued support for a child who
    is 20 and will soon be in a wheelchair, she has
    muscular dystrophy...her father wants her to apply for ss
    ssi so he will not have to pay as much support and will
    not be responsible for medical bills...her father can
    afford to pay but does not want to....he claims he
    has no money...a lie...in discovery...but at mediation
    said he is going to try to get the court to let him
    set up a trust...so the child can be put on ssi...
    if he has money for a trust, then he lied in the intergoitory
    how do I prove he lied...court is in a few weeks, and
    i don't think i can ask for more discovery at this
    late date....also, can i make him give us his 2000
    tax return? in discovery since it was so long ago,
    end of 2000...we did not ask for it since we were
    suppose to go to court before he would have filed,
    now, he has filed...can we go back and demand it?
    and can we get his most recent pay stubs, from 2001
    since he probably got a raise since discovery was

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    iamamom Guest
    Not sure if the court in Texas can make her apply for ssi. My question would be, why don't you want her to have it? In most states ssi is for a person who has insufficient icome to enable them to meet resonable living expenses. You need to calculate what her expenses are. After ssi pays, usually $530.00 a month, if there are still financial obligations he pays a portion of what's left over. She also should be eligible for medical expense help and job training by filing for ssi, as well as other benefits. SSI helps people to support themselves who otherwise might not be able to. Independence for her for as long as possible,that should be the priority. I'm not a lawyer but you might look better if you show the court you have your daughter's best interest in mind. If you have a real reason you think she shouldn't get ssi you better take it to court with you.
    Good Luck

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