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    thomason Guest

    Angry trying to serve ex papers and need help!

    I live in Oregon and am the non-custodial parent. Seven months ago my ex moved in with her boyfriend and our 3 year old daughter and didn't give me his address or phone number so that I could pick up our daughter for my parenting time every weekend. She also changed jobs and I have no idea where she now works. I now have filed the paperwork for enforcement of parenting time but am running into a problem having the papers served on her, I have no way to find out where she lives now and do not know her boyfriends name. I have tried numerous avenues through the state to try a "parent locator service" or some similar means but get no help anywhere. I am a full time student and cannot afford an attorney, and all internet people searches turn up is my ex's last address. No body in her family will help and I have no ideas where to go or what to do from here. Please help!!! I miss my daughter very much!!

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    snscorona Guest
    You may want to see if service by publication is an option in your court system.

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    thomason Guest
    yes I can serve her by posting the order at the courthouse in downtown Portland, the problem with this is that she would only see it if she went to the courthouse, my main purpose is to see my daughter and to take an officer with me to her new residence so that I have documentation of her non compliance with the new court order I am trying to serve on her. Simply posting the order on a wall hoping she will see it does not give me much hope in seeing my child. thank you for your reply.

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    snscorona Guest
    At least it would help you in court to find her in contempt that would be a start.

    As far as locating her and your child I once used a private investigator knowing an address dating back 6 years and a first name, I paid $125 for all personal info... current address, ssn, DOB and proceeded with serving court papers.

    You may also want to see if Child Find of America can help you.

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    TxStep Guest
    Send your ex a letter to her last address. Under the return address (preferably in RED letters) "ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED" If she left her forwarding address, it will come back with her new address on it.

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    deefran Guest
    Here's another suggestion, try sending copies of the letter to her in C/O her family members..if you know their addresses. Even if they don't want you to know where she's at..I'm sure once they learn that she is facing potential jail time and loss of custody of the child...their tunes may change.

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    lcollins Guest
    You may want to try checking out CustodySource.com or dadsrights.org. They provide some useful links for legal aid for fathers having trouble with visitation. You can also consult with an attorney through their websites. Good luck.

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