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Thread: Uncle's Rights?

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    Uncle's Rights?

    What is the name of your state? Maryland
    My brother, 41, died about 20 months ago, leaving behind a girl, now 4, and a boy, now 2. I am 35 and have no children and I have a good relationship with the kids' mother, who lives in Pennsylvania but allows them to come stay with me and my wife for weeks at a time. My concerns are two: No. 1, as an uncle do I have any legal rights to see the children should at some point in the future she move on with her life and decide to remarry or something. No. 2, she is currently living off my brother's benefits and the children have no insurance. Is there any sort of limited guardianship arrangement that would allow me to add them to my insurance -- or even just authorize me to take them to the doctor if they are sick while they are visiting with me? Also, in the past I have had to scramble at times to find people to watch them when I have had crises at work. I can't take them to any sort of professional short-term daycare facility because they are not my children. Could any limited guardianship arrangement cover these points? I don't even think the mother would be opposed to this arrangement, I just don't know if it exists. And since the children and their mother reside in Pennsylvania, and I reside in Maryland would it be recognized in both places?

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    You would have NO legal rights over the children unless their mother signed over guardianship to you to care for the children , and is approved by the Court.

    That means you keep physical Custody , take care of all their needs.

    In that scenario you might be able to add them to your insurance.

    If the mother can't afford insurance and is low income she should seek some State aid.

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