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    brokenheart_mom Guest

    Visitation laws over 100 miles

    What is the name of your state? Texas

    Does anyone know what the standard visitation is in Texas for parents that reside more than 100 miles apart (we live 700 miles apart) or of a site where I could find out.

    Thanks mucho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brokenheart_mom
    What is the name of your state? Texas

    Does anyone know what the standard visitation is in Texas for parents that reside more than 100 miles apart (we live 700 miles apart) or of a site where I could find out.

    Thanks mucho!
    Try your state government website. It might take some searching but the info is bound to be there somewhere.

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    Here you go...

    Chapter 153, Sec. 153.313


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    The standard in tx for over 100 miles is the same as for under 100 miles except the ncp may choose to excercise 1 weekend per month (ncp's choice w/14 day advance notice) instead of 1st, 3rd, and 5th. Also spring break becomes ncp's every year instead of eoyear. The standard also is that if the cp is the one who left the county after the rendition of the original order - the cp must pick up the child from the ncp's residence.

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    brokenheart_mom Guest
    I am the ncp and the one who moved out of the county. How does that work?
    The divorce was final Friday. My ex not only gained the right to determine residence of our 5 year old but also gained equal visitation of my (not his bio child, but step child). The ruling for visitation went like this:
    We trade Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break on odd even years
    I get our 5 yr old the 3rd weekend of the month
    he get's my 11 yr old the 1st weekend of the month
    we trade months in the summer, June and July, on odd and even years.
    So what happened was I lost time with my son. Not to mention to judge ordered that both children could fly (all for that! It's 1600 miles roundtrip) and that my 11 yr old could fly alone but our 5 yr old couldn't unti he is 7 (even though the airlines min age is 5). My ex is responsible for roundtrip expenses to see my 11 year old and p.u. and delivery, but I am have the same responsibility with our 5 year old. So that means I would have to buy 3 round trip airline tickets a month in order to see my son. On top of the child support ordered for me to pay that would take 1/2 my salary a month. So basically I will not be able to see my 5 year old but 3 times a year, for 2 years. The judge treated my 11 year old as if he were my ex's bio child expect for the fact that he doesn't have to pay child support. I told the judge that I had tried to get my ex to adopt the 11 year old some time back and he refused because if we divorced he didn't want to have to pay child support. He got it. He got the same benefits of being a parent as I did expect he doesn't have to support him. How's that for our judicial system?

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    God forsaken Indiana
    I think that's extremely odd...

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    brokenheart_mom Guest
    I got railroaded in my husband's hometown. My attorney told me going in the judge had already made up his mind and we were basically just trying to put things on the record for a possible appeal. After the hearing, he (my attorney) and every other attorney I have spoken to has told me "it sucks, but it's not illegal, live with it". You know what really gets me? They never even attempted to prove me unfit, they didn't even slam me at all. Just exhaulted my ex. The judge even said he thought I was a good mother. I guess just not good enough to raise both of my boys together.
    I really appreciate everyones help and advice through this thing. Unfortunately there is nothing "fair" about the law.

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