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    The baby was born in the same jurisdiction as the one that removed your other child, right?
    no the child was born in livingston county. i live in jackson county and the court and social worker who stepped in are from the linn, sullivan, and chariton counties

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverplum View Post
    I was looking up your state's social services and saw a link for those needing help in tough times: http://dss.mo.gov/famhelp.htm and figured it could be of use to you.
    thank you for the link i am actualy getting ready to do one of those services to please the court

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    UPDATE: ok so i had court on monday december 3rd and i took a big risk by not having a lawyer with me but i couldnt just sit and not say or do anything at court so i gathered documents proving my residence and presented all my evidence to the judge. my old worker testified that reason for removal of newborn child was that i had a special needs child in care and and that it had been found that i couldnt care for the special needs child so there were concerns i would neglect this child as well. the guardian ad litem and juvinile officer both point out that the newborn child had been announced to be healthy child with no medical needs. i then took the stand and testified that i had lived two hours away, that i had a social worker and was already handleing the case through her, and that the newborn child had not been born in there jurisdiction either. the court was then rescheduled due to needing more evidence. i then got a call wednesday and was offered to have the case transfered and strictly handled through my caseworker and jurisdiction. i was offered intensive in home services where the child would be placed back in my care. i am now just awaiting for the referall for intensive in home services to go through. once it goes through the state has 24 hours to return the child, then i will meet with an intensive in home worker within 72 hour and will meet with him/her for 8 hours once a week for 8 weeks. so more or less this is what was orginally planned through me and my worker till my old caseworker came and put her two sense in. i will however still have to travel to court over there (im not sure why). but im not going to complain, i got 90% of what i wanted done accomplished. my eldest will remain in foster care and i will continue to have visitations with her anyday of the week for as many hours as id like to see her. thank you to everyone who replied with an answer and thank you to everyone who replied with an attempted answer.

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