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    The ex-wife has Primary Physical Custody and the father has Secondary Physical Custody. They also have Joint Custody (I am assuming this means legal.) Does this give the mother more decision making power than the father? Situation: She is trying to make rules for the children while the children are at the father's house. She thinks that she can tell him that he is not allowed to sign the children up for sports on his time without getting her permission. Is this true?

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    Joint legal custody means that they are suppose to share with the MAJOR decisions of the child. the mother is the primary custodian that means that she is suppose to ask the dad his opinion.

    the dad doesn't necessary have the right to say no to any of the questions that she asks. he doesn't have veto power. and the mom is suppose to ask his opinions and take his thoughts into the final decision. mom is not suppose to do whatever she wants to do. although the final response is almost always hers. (the CP's) some states have a form that states who has what say and to what extent and what they are suppose to do during disagreements.

    now. she can not dictate what happens at dad's house. dad's time is dad's time. if the sporting events are during his time, he can do whatever he wants. now if it were to happen on times that mom has the child and she is unable to do it, then she doesn't have to take the child. although this only really hurts the child by putting the child in a tug of war between the parents.

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    Primary physical custody means that the children live with the Mother, and the Father has visitation.

    She can voice her concerns about what rules and such she would like to see at the Father's home, but ultimately what goes on in the Fathers home is not determined by the Mother. If the Father wants to sign the children up for things on HIS TIME, (ie: not affecting the time the children are with the Mother) then he should have no reasons to consult the Mother. But if it will affect the children while they are home with the Mother, Father should consult the Mother and get permission.

    Same goes for when the Mother wants to involve the children in activities that will be affected by his time...She should consult him and get his permission.

    Good luck!

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    Question She is trying to rule both households.

    She told one of the children the other day that she has Primary Physical Custody and that it means that she can force the father to let her make decisions about what goes on in his house. She dosen't want the child to take lessons unless she has total control of it. Such as where the lessons are taken, when they are taken etc. The lessons will NOT interfere with her time with the children. And she know this. But she is still trying to stop him from siginig the child up. All she is doing is hurting the children by trying to get back at the father.

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    The Father can sign the children up for classes on his time, and there is nothing she can do about it.

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