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    Question What needs to be done to get custody of my neice

    What is the name of your state? North Carolina

    My brother has been raising a girl that was born from an affair that his live in girlfriend had with another man. My brother and his girlfriend have seperated and my brother got custody of all three kids (he did father the other two). Against my advice he has decided that it is not his job to raise this girl (she is 5yrs now). He has turned her over to respice. I am told this is like foster care. They all live in NY. If the mother doesnt get a home and job by the 26th the girl will return to my brother. The mother doesnt want the girl either. I have offered to raise my neice. He agrees that I would give her a much better home. I need to know if I should get some kind of papers filled out now, or letter of intent to send to court, or letter of charactor to send, or****************************....? My poor neice is only 5 and already two men have walked out of her life. Please, Please help me help her. Remember I have no "bloodline" to my neice, although I will forever be her Aunt Tina. I really want to right the wrongs that have been done to her and give her a forever home.

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    I'm not sure what the procedure is for doing this. I think it may be possible that once the child is returned to your brother that you can go ahead and file for custody and he can turn custody over to you.

    Where is the bio father? I would think he would have to be notified about all this. Does he know about this child or want anything to do with her?

    I really think you guys should consult with a lawyer. I can give you the number to the bar association. They have a lawyer referral program where they refer you to an attorney and you can get a consult for $30.

    Bar Association Referral Service: 1-800-662-7660

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    savemyneice Guest

    Thank you

    The bio father wants nothing to do with child. (it was an affair) Brother is listed as father on birth certif. I thank you for the phone number. Have a Blessed Day, Christina

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    You're welcome. If you find out anything, or have an update let us know. You have a blessed day too.

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