My ex-boyfriend and I have split up and have a 23 month old child. I allowed his name to be put on my home with a refinance 4 years after I originally purchased it. He moved out and told me not to file for child support because he said he would rather make the mortgage payment. We are now going to court for child support and visitation and he is suing for for me to have to sell the house and give him 1/2 the equity. I am wondering if he is allowed to have 1/2 of the equity despite my owning the house and making substantial payments before I met him. His attorney told me that I am going to be required to give him the equity and that under Ohio state law I am also not entitled to any back child support because I did not sue him previously. Is he allowed to claim he supported his child by paying the mortgage but then requiring me to sell my home and pay him back? He has never contributed any other money to the support of our daughter - I have provided 100% of everything else.