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    Can child support be forcefully deducted from unemployment benefits?

    What is the name of your state?

    If you are on Unemployment and you have a order to pay child support, can they take the benefits from your unemployment check?

    The person in question is in Missouri but the child and court that handles it is in Texas. The main question besides the state going through procedures of going back to court and getting the parent in jail. Can they automatically take it from his check without his permission?

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    they do in PA.

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    In CA they automatically deduct up to 25% of unemployment benefits

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    In Missouri CSE can deduct up to 50% of unemployment benefits to cover current CS and arrearage.

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    It's also done in Indiana also so I would say with all the yes' then the answer would be yes they can do it.

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    In CA they can if the obligor also lives in CA, but not if the obligor lives in another state. This could be a problem for you, since the order and the obligor are in separate states.

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    In MD Unemployment took $150 per check for child support for bfriends' children. They did it automatically.

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