What is the name of your state?


Recently, My ex and I went to mediator per court order on modifying my child support and parenting plan. I filed a petition to lower my child support based on the fact that my family moved 70 miles north and I was not able to find job with same pay from previous job, although I did find part time job at retail store while contiune looking for full time job. I was not considered "under employment" because of letters from my voc. rehab counselors stating that I am looking faithful for full time job with their help (by the way I am deaf).

Anyway, the result of the mediation is that my child support will be based on Target salary ($8.00 an hour) for 40 hours a week, despite the fact that I only work up to 20 hours a week. It will take ALL of my monthly payroll to new child support. No money left to support my family. Sounds fair?

Anyway, without the luck of earning more hours with retail store (32 to 40 hours a week), becasue the business is slow, so I decided to try set up a web design business to make up of "loss", but my ex spouse's lawyer is threatening to take me back to court and try to get more money from my new business despite the agreed child support at 40 hours. Can they get more money from my business even if I work 40 hours (full time) at Target? Can they even get more money from me if I work second or third part time job? It does not seem fair because based on current situation, I dont even work full time at disputed retail store?

If it is true, how much can they get from my business?

I even consider starting a business if I could have someone else to agree to own it and divide the profit in cash, so that I think the lawyer cannot do anything about it. Sound stiupd, I know, but i am desperate to make money for my family and bills and not appeasing greedy ex.

By the way, My ex wife makes 30,000k a year and right now I only make $4,000 a year based on part time with retail store.