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    I would like to know if it is possible to have a class action suit against CT Child Support Enforcement? Also, TX, CO, CA and Florida class action suits against Child Support Enforcement? If so, what kind of atty will I need to get this started?
    My whole personal case has been messed up so many times. I currently live in NH and have to drive down to CT some many times and wasted phonecalls over the years. CT CSE messed my case up with the offical 1996 CT Deadbeat Dad Poster Boy 2nd child's case. My son is older. I have another people that want to do a class action cases as well. CS CSE fails to follow the federal laws for Child Support Enforcement, I have all the documentation to prove this, 15 years worth of it, plus court records proving their neglect.
    Any websites to look up for this case type? Can we legally sue the States in question? Also, do you know how many people we need for a class action lawsuit?

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    His post will be seven years old this month!


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    Sitting at the computer probably rolling my eyes at your post
    Excuse you newbie, but we do NOT necropost on this board. Now, I for sure hope you never have a question you end up needing to ask us, because with your attitude, you may find yourself having a hard time getting an answer.

    Having been personally dealing with this situation for 3 years now, nothing has been resolved with our situation, so...not assuming like you did that I know everything--if he was still having issues with this problem he might be interested to still do something about it.
    And I suppose with all your smartness, you didn't even notice that the OP is NOT EVEN A MEMBER OF THIS BOARD ANYMORE.

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