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    eadie Guest

    harassment from husbands ex-wife

    What is the name of your state? Ohio

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    eadie Guest

    harassment from husbands ex wife

    I live in Ohio. My husband has a shared parenting plan with his exwife for their 1 son who is 15. She agreed to pay half of all medical expenses, buy school clothes, pay school fees, and he was to be with her during the summer. It has been 3 years and she has paid a few bills but stills owes us around $3,000. My husband took her to court in March for payment. She is a paralegal. She has had the case postponed 4 or 5 times now. She is trying to get custody of their son. She hates me. Every correspondence we recieve from her has something in it about me. Last night she called the cops on me again "worrying" about her sons welfare in my care. The sheriff told me that they were tired of coming here and finding nothing wrong. They told us last night that they would not be back when she called complaining. Does anyone thing I have a viable cause to file harassment charges against her?

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    There is a custody dispute.
    She has a continuance, this is legal.
    She can request well checks through the law enforcement and they can handle as deemed appropriate.
    She has made no threats or done anything illegal, with what is stated, while annoying it is not harassment.
    I suggest that you try to remove yourself from the interactions around their custody dispute as much as possible and not give her any fuel.

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    Rmet has offered the best advise possible. I went through a similar situation with my husband's ex-wife, and there is nothing the courts or police can do unless there is a viable threat to your well-being. Simply ignore the ex as much as you possibly can. If you have caller ID, don't answer the phone when you see her number or an unknown number on it. Our situation was so bad that we finally had a second phone line put in and did not give her the number. The original phone number had an answering machine attached so that the ex could leave messages for my hubby without my having to deal with her ranting...the ringer was also turned off. If by chance you do have to speak with the ex, keep it professional, and if she starts ranting, tell her when your hubby will be home, to call back then, and hang up the phone. I wish I could tell you that time will make it better, but there are some people in the world who just can't let things die down.
    Good luck!

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