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    Repo gone wrong.

    What is the name of your state? Ohio

    Hello, I seemed to have gotten myself into a mess. I lost my job of 3 years and was unable to pay for my Nissan auto. At that time I was dating a girl who lives about 400 miles away but still in my home state of Ohio. While on the road trip to her house my transmissin started acting up and failed on the car. I was able to limp to a chevy dealership. I was told at the dealership that the transmission was again shot (2nd time in 15k miles) The transmission cost for a 2004 Nissan Muranno CVT is $6200.00. The vehicle is out of warranty as of 2160 miles ago. I left the vehicle with permission at the dealeship. I own nothing on the service bill. I elected not to repair the vehicle due to not having the $6200.00 and knowing that in the next few months they would repo the Nissan for non payment of the installment.

    Nissan called me several times (collection calls) that week. I told them each time where the vehical was and that I did not have the ablity to pay the installment or the repair. Then they sent a repo man to my house and I told him exactly the name and address of where the vehicle was. I even gave him the service mans business card that had the address and phone number. All of this took place about 5 weeks ago. I have not recieved one call or letter from nissian untill Today.... I get court papers from the sheriff that I must go to court and surrender the car. I tried to call the attorney that Nissian hired several times, but he is not returing my calls. I called the clerk of court and all she would say is to tell the judge my story. ...There is a $48,000 bond listed on the case and it states that if I fail to surrender the vehical or $48,000.00, I am subject to arrest. I called the chevy dealer and nobody knows where the vehical is, but they are sure it is no longer in the parking lot. It doesnt drive anymore so I know it didnt' get stolen. I think Nissan has repoed the vehicle. It is my intent to file a police report tomorrow just in case is was stolen. Can somebody tell me what to expect in court?What is the name of your state?

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    If the car was repossessed, chances are the repo man called the police to notify them that the car was being legally repossessed and not stolen.

    Therefore, call the police in the jurisdiction of the dealership and see if they have a record of it.

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