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    Unhappy Can we sue for False Accusations of Racism

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? GA

    Hi, I work at a Doctors office and most recently, we mailed out a letter to a patient informing her that we will no longer provide services as she has been unresponsive to our requests to seek treatment. The first request was that she follows up with a psychiatrist and psychologist as she has some emotionanal/mental disorder - and it took her 3 months to respond to us. She told us that she was unable to make an appointment. Most recently, she attemped suicide, called a 24 hour crisis hotline and got a referral to see a state funded facility but she called us seeking alternative treatment and we sent her to another facility but she did not seek follow up treatment. So, we sent a letter informing her that we could no longer treat her. As it turns out, her lack of communication was due to the fact that she was laid off from her job, did not have a phone or medical insurance. She called our office and accused us of not being understanding to her situation. Apparently she has been fighting to get her unemployment benefits, and seeking alternative ways to see a doctor without insurance which is understandably hard. My main concern here is that she accused of racial profiling and actually called one of the doctors a racist bitch for not being understanding to her needs. She accused us of abandoning her in the middle of treatment but was adamant to the fact that if she were a rich white woman, we would not have been as quick to give her a 30 day notice to seek another physician. We informed her that we will not dignify her accusations with a response but I am curious as to whether we have a case here? Can we sue her for wrongly accusing us of racism/racial profiling?

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    No, you cannot. In this sort of a situation, racism is an opinion. She is entitled to her opinion, even if she is wrong.

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    How much were you hurt?

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