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    Hippa violation and how to file

    What is the name of your state? FL

    My employer's disability company has been in direct contact even discussing and send them my medical information. I filed an OCR complaint. Is Hippa different? How can I totally nail all individuals involved. I have irrefutable proof of the illegal disclosures including documents, etc. And, when can I sue for Invasion of Privacy?

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    How to file a HIPAA complaint.

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    However, this may or may not be a HIPAA violation; there is not enough information to say.

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    But when you contact HIPAA, they will be able to advise you on this.

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    Not to disagree with Katy but just for clarification's sake, HIPAA is a law, not an agency. You cannot contact HIPAA; you contact the OCR about HIPAA.

    I'd have to check whether or not disability plans are subject to HIPAA. Not even all health plans are; it depends on how the plan is funded and by whom.

    Even if disability plans are subject to HIPAA, depending on the funding of the plan, the employer might be entitled to the information.

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