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    Question Is it illegal to video record someone without their knowledge?

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

    I live in Florida and I have tried to research this info but
    I am getting mixed answers.

    Would it be illegal if I video record someone in a public area (outside of their home) without their knowledge?

    What about phone conversations?

    Thanks for your time in advance.

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    If it is from a vantage point legally accessible by you, yes, it is legal BUT you need to be cautious about recording audio. If they are in a place where they would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, it is illegal to record audio without their permission. While very often the fact they are outside in the public eye, it might be argued they have no expectation of privacy, it is not always true. Unless they are speaking in a manner which could be heard (understood) with the human ear, it could easily be considered they did have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

    phone conversations: all parties to the conversation must give permission to record a telephone conversation.

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    Question Understood but...

    Ok understood.

    Basically I just want to protect myself from being alienated
    when I go to pick up my children from their mothers residence.

    So if I bring a witness to wait inside the car (windows rolled up) while video recording me picking up my children and the mother or the mothers new husband just so happen to be in the recording...it is permissible, yes?
    Just as long as it is not targeted for "audio".

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    How is a video recording going to "protect you from being alienated"? Your whole idea sounds creepy and is not something normal people do.

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    Ok I'm not here to argue/debate but to clarify my action.

    I have an evil baby mother that has been violating my legal rights as a father.
    Therefore, to protect myself from being "alienated" by her, I want a witness video recording everything so that she cannot lie or falsely accuse me of anything when I arrive to just pick up my children for visitation during that court order.

    Still sound creepy sir or do you still not grasp my point?

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    some states require one party noticifcation, some state require all party notification.....

    in ohio, all you need to do is have one party aware that a conversation is being recorded.....

    in california, you must notify all parties that you are recording....I believe florida is the same way.....

    google it.

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    I think it is the term "alienated" that is confusing us. I fail to see how the term applies to picking up a children for visitation. Video taping the exchange to show that no violence occurred is a good idea, but how will it prove that the mother is "alienating" you in some way???

    And why would that matter? You are already alienated!

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    Your plan makes no sense.

    #1. If she knows you are taping her then she will just avoid doing anything to "alienate" when you're around.

    #2. If she doesn't know you are taping her then she will act as she normally would, including things that you feel "alienate". As soon as you let her know you have taped this... please see #1.

    If you're worried about her telling lies to your children, then I'm sure you realize she has plenty of time with them when you're not around.

    And I still think it's creepy.

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