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    Post vindictive neighbor trying to get me to move

    What is the name of your state? new york

    I have a hostile, vindictive neighbor who is now retired and has nothing better to do than try to make my life miserable. He openly admits that I have done nothing to him - he just hates that I exist and wants to force me to move. He says he will do everything he can to drive me out of the neighborhood. He has begun by putting up signs and giving me documents to prevent me from turning around and parking (very difficult for me since it is a dead end lane). He says we will get my house condemned... on and on.... When I spoke to the police they said it is not considered harassment unless he threatens or attempts to physically harm me.

    What can I do? Is there another law that protects someone in my position. i just want to live a peaceful life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daybreak
    What can I do?
    By paying attention and getting upset you are giving him exactly what he wants.... attention.
    Even a roach will leave your house if you don't give him what he wants. Ignore the old fart.

    However, you need to also keep records and documents of his actions, just in case he goes overboard and actually does something illegal. Then, you can drop the hammer on him.... using the law.

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    And, of course, this is the same situation as your OTHER Post

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    Yes, the same old fart.

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