What is the name of your state?

We had a hearing about three weeks ago in which I raised some allegations about the deadbeat debtor that the judge has apparently not heard before (not that I haven't raised them previously, but that doesn't mean he has to pay attention). It really got his dander up and the debtor's attorney was blathering about how "We litigated that, you ruled, blah blah blah," and the judge hollered at him, "If I ruled on false testimony, if you're telling me one thing and then I find out this, then..." he never really finished the sentence, but just went on to say that I needed to refile my ****eyed motion and do a better job of explaining my allegations and the relief I'm seeking.

Then last week he went ahead and confirmed this foul little bankruptcy anyway, even though this issue is still pending out here. When he gets all the facts on the matter, can he withdraw his order confirming the BK? He also previously dismissed my claim, but in light of the new information, can he reinstate it?

I'm looking at appellate stuff and it's not giving me much guidance, but then, that's all about the law and not about the facts.