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    Had my 341 meeting today

    What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? Missouri

    Every since I filed for Chapter 7 on March 8th I have been reading this forum from top to bottom. I learned so much here and am so grateful for the long term members here who post quick and accurate responses to people's questions. I had read every account of 341 meetings which ranged from those who had very easy meetings to those who felt like they went through a nightmare. So I was prepared for the worst but hoping for the best today.

    I didn't get much sleep last night and was very nervous when I got up today. My lawyer said everything should go smoothly but that didn't really calm me down any. There were about 25 people in the meeting room. In all honesty I was more nervous about talking in front of them than I was about being questioned by the trustee. The trustee was professional and very fast. She didn't spend a lot of time on details. By the time she called me there were only 4 people left to go so I got to see how she dealt with everyone ahead of me.

    She accepted the exemptions and abandoned the interest in all the property of every one of us including me. She asked no more than 3 questions of any of us. She asked me 3 questions. First had I read the information sheet required by 11 U.S.C. 341. Second did I expect to receive or had I already received a tax refund. And finally she asked me whether my car was a 4 or 6 cylinder as I had forgotten to list that on my filing. That was it. I was in the chair for a grand total of maybe 60 seconds. I'm glad it's over and hopefully the next 60 days will pass uneventfully.

    To all those on this forum who are thinking about filing soon or have already done so and are dreading their upcoming 341 meeting I can only offer my story as an example of a good creditors meeting. I would also like to add that no creditors showed up for anyone today.

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    Glad everything went well for you! It's also great to get some good feedback that not all 341s are nightmares - mine is next Friday and any and all encouragement is appreciated!

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    Congrats to you both - mine involved a divorce, which we filed joint and the only problems I had was a tax problem from my wife - the trustee held 900 buck s for a year. Life will not be easy - you will have to live on cash for about a year. Start by smartly rebuilding your credit - disputing non corect credit records, it's like your 17 again. Good luck on your new debt free life, just learn from your mistakes.

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    Doesn't matter how many of us post on here how easy and simple the meetings go, no one ever get any sleep the night before and are a jumble of nerves during the meeting. Then you leave and realize - everyone on the site was right.

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