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    Late payment to trustee

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Minnesota

    I was late on my payment to the trustee. It was due on the 20th and I mailed it 6 days late, which is yesterday. I totally forgot about it. Today when I get home there is a notice that a certified letter waiting for me at the post office. It does not say who its from, it just has a zip code, of course I am panicking thinking the trustee is going to close/cancel or dismiss my Chapter 13 case. I know the correct answer is to wait and see who the letter is from but I am wondering if can they dismiss/cancel/close your case if you are few days late, is there any material to read on this.

    I also would like to do payroll deduction but am not sure how it works, as I get paid twice a month and one of the checks is after the due date. Any ideas on how that works.

    Please do not slam me, have you ever had the feeling you were forgetting something and just couldnt put your finger on it, and then got sick to your stomach when you remember what it was. Thanks and please respond asap. I would like to try and sleep tonight.

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    I take it that you filed pro se. Pick up the certified letter (which might be a motion to dismiss), call the trustee's office and confirm that the payment was received, confirm that they will withdraw the motion if in fact they filed one and ask for help in setting up payroll deduction.

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    I did pickup the letter and it was not related to anything involving my bankruptcy it was regarding my divorce.

    I called the trustee and they said not to worry everything was fine. They also sent me the info for payroll deduction, that I really like.

    I did not file pro se. The attorney I had is no longer practicing.

    Thanks for responding I appreciate.

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    Hi, I work for a bk law firm in Florida. Been here 9 years. The payroll deduction is a God send as you dont have to sweat worrying about getting the payments to the trustee on time. Our trustee doesn't play. In fact, shes horrible. Dont worry too much about the first few payments, getting them to her on time. It isnt like CC payments where you HAVE to have them in exactly by the due date, the trustee typically gives you a window of up to 7 days to remit each payment. There arent late fees either. My advice is to get set up on the PR deduction. I put my big brother in a 13 last november because he thought hide and seek with the IRS would be fun.... not. He lost 3 paychecks in a row to them before I could file him and stop the *******s. He IS very financially irresponsible so I was adament about the payments coming from his check. If he had to mail them.... DISMISSAL.

    Good luck!

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