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    freda1962 Guest

    Post Breach Of Car Contract

    What is the name of your state? Georgia.
    I live in Georgia and bought a car in Tennessee. I have had my car for over 60 days and still do not have tag or title for it. In the state of GA we are only allowed to drive on temp tag for 30 days no matter how many times we get a renewed temp tag. I made a down payment on car plus 3 car payments. In my contract i paid for my tag. I have tried to find a lawyer for my case but no one will take it unless I pay them 1500.00 first and 200.00 an hour. I have tried to talk to the company I bought the car from and to the company I have a loan with. The company I have the loan with said get me a lawyer it wouldn't hurt him. They are in this together. Can someone please help me. I am a first time buyer and I bought the car so I could take my husband who has brain injury to the doctor.

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    I would start by contacting the Tennesse Department of Consumer Affairs. Here is the link and telephone number.

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    But you don't say what the company you bought the car from says. What have they told you? Was it really in your deal? Can you show that?

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    1) Who did you buy the car from, dealer or individual??
    2) Who was this 'lender' you mention?? Was it a reputable firm, bank, credit union, or just some 'guy'??
    3) What was your agreement with the dealer as to tags and who processes title?
    4) Since you purchased the car in TN, you would only be getting a TN title... and then have to re-register the vehicle in GA. Is part of this dispute the location of title??
    5) What was the dealers response when you sent them a 'demand letter' for title and tags on the purchase??
    6) Did you get a 'Certificate of Title' from the seller??

    The following is from the Knox County clerks office:
    "The new owner of a vehicle should bring the outstanding Certificate of Title assigned to him on the reverse side, bearing the signature of the seller and indicating the name and full address of the new owner and lien holder (if any), the date of transfer and the purchase price. If the vehicle is less than ten years old, there must be an odometer disclosure statement. If the Certificate of Title was issued after January 1, 1990, the odometer statement is included in the assignment of title. If the certificate was issued prior to that date, a separate odometer statement must be used. The odometer statement must contain the written signature and printed name of both the seller giving the odometer disclosure, and the buyer acknowledging the disclosure. DO NOT PURCHASE A MOTOR VEHICLE UNLESS THE OWNERS NAME APPEARS ON THE FACE OF THE ORIGINAL TITLE."

    For more, go to:

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    freda1962 Guest
    I bought the car from Budget Car & Truck Sales. The lender is Auto Credit of Chattanooga. In the contract it shows where I purchased the tag for my car. They said the tag would be mailed to me since I live in Ga. The company told me that the person that sold them the car was signed by another person and that they had to send for lost title. The car is a 1999 Hyndi. The only thing I have is a contract from both the car company and the load office where I have the car financed at. I have nothing else and if I stop paying for the car then I will be in breach of contract. The company I have a loan with told me to get a lawyer because it wouldn't hurt them and thats all they said. The last time I talked to the Budget (where I got the car from) said he wasn't aware that they couldn't get a title for my car and said he would call back. Yet I have heard nothing. They also said the title would go to the loan but they said they don't have it either. I think I have been took and am paying for a car that isn't really mine. The lawyers here want to charge me $95 an hour or 1500.00 plus court cost and all the extras. Lord help me please. Where is the justice I ask?

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    Did you READ my post?? I told you what the seller is REQUIRED to provide to you. Did you get it?? If not, then request it in WRITING from the seller and send a copy to the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission.

    One thing that may be important here.... since you are in a different state than the seller, I would assume that the title you do get will be a Tennessee title, and you will then have to use it to get a Georgia title.

    Information on licensing and dealer requirements:

    You can contact the TN state agency responsible for Motor Vehicle Dealer Licensing at:

    Motor Vehicle Dealer Licensing
    500 James Robertson Parkway
    Nashville, TN 37243-1153

    Direct Phone number: 615-741-2711
    General Information: 615-741-3449

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    freda1962 Guest
    I did not get a certificate of title because it will go to the lean holder buy he hasn't gotten it either. The car is not a new car its an 1999. I bought it used at Budget. I do have the odometer paper though. I can't get the tag because all I have is just a contract from Budget and a contract at the loan office and receipts where I make payments on it. I have tried to call the number you gave me but I get an answering machine telling me I have to send for a complaint form and then it takes weeks on end to process. No the title will have to be Ga. I have gone to the sites you posted and have been doing all that you said to do. I want to thank you for everything everyone is doing for me as well. God Bless you all.

    Freda Burrows

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    freda1962 Guest

    May There is A turn around

    For all of those who replyed I went to see the Tenn Motor Vehical Commisioner and he is going to get my money back or he will take their scurity bond ( not security bond either). It means he can take their licenses away from them. I should know something by Tuesaday I hope.
    So I want to thank you all and I will let you know what happens. God Bless You All

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    Well done. Let us know how this ends up.

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