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    Angry CA Store Return Policy for Alcohol

    What is the name of your state? CA

    A friend of mine went on an alcohol run at Rite Aid and ended up with some extra booze he wanted to return; however, the employees at Rite Aid insisted it was against either state or federal law to accept the item for return.

    I spent forever googling the laws in CA and at the Federal level and did not come up with anything. Did they just pull this rule out of their butts?

    Additionally if it matters, this was not at all indicated in the store's return policy.

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    Geez, it only took one google search to find it


    [url]http://www.abc.ca.gov/FORMS/ABC608.pdf[/url] - See item 36.

    "A consumer cannot overbuy for a party and then return any of the unused alcoholic beverages.
    Neither can the recipient of a gift exchange it for other merchandise or be given a credit, because
    the recipient is not returning alcoholic beverages; if the retailer gave anything of value for the
    beverages, the retailer would be buying from other than a wholesaler. Sales to consumers are final
    except as previously set forth. The Department and federal law agree in this respect."

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    Yeah I screwed up. I wasn't googling the right stuff: "california alcohol return", "federal alcohol return", and "alcohol return policies" plus about 10 other things.

    Thanks for the help and sorry for the trouble.

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