Live in Florida trying to collect a reward from a company in California.
A reward was offered for information leading to the recovery and safe return of an item. After the company worked on case for 15 months I provided information which lead to the safe recovery of the item. I was told it could not have been done with out me and I have letter thanking me from two DA's offices in two states. The particular entity that has offered the reward has since only offered to pay me 1/5th the offered reward since an investigative person spent a lot of time on the case and they want to give it all to them. They will not provide me any information on this person and only to say they helped.
Well the case didn't break until I called them and by their own admission and the DA's they recovered within a few weeks after I gave exact information they did not have. Should I get an atty on this or play hard ball to see if I can force their hand to give it all to me? By the terms which state "Information leading to the safe recovery of said item" I think I fulfilled my end of the reward requirement and the other party they claim was involved is not entitled to anything.