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    Dealer forged documents

    What is the name of your state? Georgia

    We purchased a used car from a dealership Sept 2004. Our original Retail Installment contract states that we paid $1895 for a extended warranty through 1st Extended Service Corp.

    My car needs transmission repair. I have found out that the dealer switched the warranty another company and it only costs $1795 and forged my husband's signature.

    Our lender faxed these documents over for our review.

    We have demanded verbally and will also demand in writing that the Dealer cancel this warranty and send us a full refund in 10 business days. A complaint has also been filed with the BBB about our tag issue.

    Should I contact a atty about the forged documents? Should we do anything else?

    Our final outcome would be for us to return the car and get our deposit back. But not sure if that will happen or not.

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    It would appear you have two differnt issues here. The first issue is the car and the other is the extended warranty for the car. Although I do believe you have an agruement for the warranty, I do not believe that you would have a position for the vehicle. Also, although there appears to be fraud here, it appears that this would only end up in small claims court. I do not know if it would be worth hiring a lawyer for small claims.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tankerwife
    Should I contact a atty about the forged documents?
    Why would you do that?? It would seem that you would have a fairly solid case to pursue in small claims for your 'damages', that being the $100 difference in value of the two warranties.

    Should we do anything else?
    You could consider filing a criminal 'forgery' complaint with the police.

    Our final outcome would be for us to return the car and get our deposit back. But not sure if that will happen or not.
    I can answer that for you.... that will NOT happen, UNLESS, you can somehow negotiate it as part of a 'settlement' for your fraud and forgery issues.

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    Thank you for your responses. I have contacted a lawyer. He has negotiated a deal to release the Dealer of all liability if they will refund the $1895 we paid for the extended warranty.

    I am not sure what to do. We do know there is a major problem with the AC and possible more trouble with the transmission.

    The only plus side is that our loan will be reduced by $1895, but no work will be covered for our car. Seems pretty crappy to me.

    But then again, how easy will it be to prove the forgery and who wants to argue over $100 in small claims. Not sure how the court will decide.

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