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    Exclamation Greyhound bus is a dirty dog

    What is the name of your state? California

    This morning I sent my ninteen year of child off to university, several states away in MIssouri. She was a bit timid, but I told her to go for it, use the saved money for books, because money is very tight. We were told to arrive at the bus station in VAcaville an hour early to get our paper ticket that we paid for on line. When we arrived an hour early, a note on the door said the agent was out for a few hours. This alone was very stressful for my daughter, but I tried to keep her calm and remind her that she is an adult now.
    I called the 800 numbers, where my call was droped two times when the questions got troublesome. The third time I called I asked for the supervisior of the supervisors to give me a reference number to show the driver so that she could get on and take care of the other details at the next terminal. That worked.
    That day Pam called me and told me that the schedule we were told was obsolete. In fact, the trip would be three days, not two days, and it went new places. This new schedule had been in effect for two days, but none of the automated services had been updated. She took this with a grain of salt, and hoped she wouldn't run out of money for food for another day.
    Today the bus blew a tire out all over the highway. Thankfully, no one was hurt physically. After many hours of waiting, the travelers were told they might as well get a hotel, if they roomed with a person they had met on the but (a stranger) they could save some money. No money was offered to feed or shelter these travelors. In fact they were encouraged to lock themselves in a room with a person they met less than a day ago. What can we do?What is the name of your state?

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    You could try to wire her some money. Maybe call and make a hotel reservation at a hotel close to her and put it on your credit card?
    Greyhound *should* reimburse you for the hotel room...morally. But, then again, this is a legal site and I"m not sure they are REQUIRED to reimburse you. I'd have to look at the terms she agreed to buy riding.

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    Missouri has several good schools and friendly people. I am halfway through my Missouri lions, tigers, and bears education (three schools' mascots (MSSU, MSU, and MU) and a BS, MS, and PhD).

    Your daughter can use the details of her journey as a learning experience and parlay them into exciting new friendships. Some schools have ride share boards, so your daughter may find friends at her new school that are also from California who have their own transportation. In the future, she may be able to avoid the bus altogether.

    I've traveled by bus a few times, and on several occasions been on the bus as individuals were picked up from rural stops at 2 or 3 in the morning--where nothing was open and no lights were on--literally a bench in front of a dark store in a dark parking lot. One harrowing ride from Des Moines to Kansas City involved a packed bus, with people standing practically heal to toe in the aisle for the entire trip. Some passengers even sat on the steps next to driver.

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