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    eliotelioteliot Guest

    Impound fee in Arizona

    What is the name of your state?Arizona
    My vehicle was impounded and i have been told that i dont need to pay first to get it out. it was towed from private property to a private impound yard. can they hold it for non payment? it was suspected to have been used in a crime but released.

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    Bonni623 Guest
    Hi! I live in Az. too, and yes, they can and will hold your car if you don't pay the impound fee! they did it to me after my car was stolen. They charged me fifty bucks, and ten dollars a day for storage. Also, I work for MVD in Phoenix, and they will put an abandoned vehicle fee on your driving record if you don't pay, so when you go to renew your registration on any other vehicles you may own, you'll get slapped with an additional fee of fifty bucks or they will not renew your driver's license, car registration, or anything else that MVD provides.

    The laws here in Az. really suck, which is too bad because it's so beautiful here!

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