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Thread: lawyer suing me

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    jimcii Guest

    lawyer suing me

    What is the name of your state? Michigan

    I got into some legal trouble a couple years ago (DUI specifically).

    I retained a lawyer to represent me for $2800. At the preliminary exam, I took a plea bargain of 6 months work release, 2 yrs probation. At this point i had paid $1920 of the $2800. I felt that my lawyer did not even deserve this much and told him as much. He missed 2 court dates and an appointment that he made (to go over my pre sentence investigation), and sent a substitute to my sentencing that i had never met. he had promised in our agreement to personally appear at ALL court dates. in addition, at my plea negotiation, he still had not procured information that was important in my plea decision (BAC results from the police). Nontheless, he negotiated a plea w/ the prosecutor that i did not want to take. So, i told him what i would take and asked him to present that counter offer in leu of further court proceedings. he did so and this offer was accepted. Basically, i feel i negotiated my own plea, though i was paying him for this job. he has now sued me for $5000, not the $2800 origanally agreed to (he says this is what he should have charged). He tried to get a summary judgement for reasons beyond my legal knowledge. I just received a bunch of paperwork written in "legalese" and went to a court date (which he missed) and now have a pending mediation date and eventually a trial. what are my chances in winning this case. i appoligize for the length of this summary, but could use any advise available.



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