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    MagazineSolutions / United Publishers - Scam? Contract? PLEASE HELP !!!

    Illinois resident.
    Back in January a company called MagazineSolutions a Division of United Publishers offered to send me "free" magazines and coupons. The short of it is, is that a contract showed up priority mail stating I agreed to pay ~ $60 p/mo for 5 years unless I cancelled w/in 3 business days (in fine print on the back of course). I promptly mailed this back to them.

    In the meantime I began receiving the "free magazines" and did NOT send away to redeem the said coupons. They are are now threatening leagal action Unless I pay ~ $800 to continue the service or $170 termination fee to cancel this service. Because they (conveniently) did not receive my original cancellation, I resent certified mail a copy of my original cancellation w/ a letter stating I did not want their service and wish to be cancelled.

    They are now again threatening legal action and reporting $170 to the credit beaurs because they are claiming that I very well could have post dated the cancellation letter and they don't believe me. I see their point, but come on. This is a scam from the get go, but they are being overly persistant. I NEVER signed anything and have a copy of the cancellation letter(s) and what I thought I agreed to on the phone was NOT what showed up in the mail.

    PLEASE HELP ... How do I make this go away? (aside from never answering the phone again - I feel like such a schmuck I should know better)


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    I live in Wisconsin, and am having problems with United Publishers/Magazine Solutions. First, my wife had set up check card information that allowed Magazine Publishers to withdrawal money from our check card monthly. After one or two months I cancelled and changed my check card account with this company. The biggest reason I cancelled was because, I was getting money withdrawn from my account from other magazine companies, not the company supposed to taking money out. After one month and having changed my check card account numbers with the bank, United Publishers is now withdrawaling money from my checking account, with out my permission and without ever giving them and checking account information. My bank however credited us the balance. However now United Publisher/Magazine Solutions is calling our residence and threatning to take us to collections and is having Lawyers call us. They also somehow received my cellular phone number and is calling me at work. Please help or set us in the right direction.

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    Wait a sec... I will look outside.


    You could have started your own thread, but I see why you posted here.
    It made me think of googling up some info on these guys.

    Didn't find much but here you go:




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    Here's what worked for me ....

    I've dealt with these guys myself and have successfully gotten them off my back. I'd be glad to share with you my experiences, resolution(s), copies of my materials, etc. if you are still interested. Email me directly.

    - Jonathan

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    United Publishers/Magazine Solutions does seem to do business as other companies and has many "offices" from which they bill/withdraw money from. When you sign up for any kind of subscription, verbal or written, you have a cooling off period of at least 3 days. If you can get them on the phone at one of their various numbers, BE FIRM and tell them by law there is a cooling off period and you want your subscription cancelled. They seem to also record everything, so this is in your favor. DO NOT give them your social security number, work phone, or check card number. These are the tools they use to wreak havoc with your finances. If they call your home, BE FIRM, and tell them you will call the police if they do not stop harassing you. By law, they have to stop doing it. Otherwise, call your local police dept and report them--give them all the information you have on them. Also, call your state attorney general's office and find out if they can help. Usually they will step in. Print off any information you have found on the Internet, make copies of any mail you receive from them, and keep copies of your bank statements. These will be helpful in resolving the issue. Another "front" for these people is UNITED BENEFIT SERVICES. It comes out on your bank statement as PURCHASE UNITED BENEFIT SERVICES 877-3 (the phone number cuts off here.) A reference for this part of the scam is at [url]http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=8978[/url]. Apparently they seem to operate issuing credit card scams as well. I will find all the phone numbers I have had to call and put them in another post. I hope this will help anyone who is being horribly taken advantage of by these people.

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