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    Peanuts have bugs

    So I have this bag of peanuts(the ones in shells) and we ate only a few of them before my buddy noticed something. There were little black bugs inside of the peanuts, burrowing into the peanut eating them. It must be like every 4th peanut has a bug or two, including some that have larvae.

    What should I do about this? Is this something I can sue over?? I have the bag of peanuts wrapped up in a ziplock bag, and I have another ziplock bag that has a couple of the peanuts with bugs/larvae.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patio87 View Post
    What should I do about this?
    Choose not to eat the peanuts.
    Is this something I can sue over??
    Of course you can, but you will not be compensated without PROOF that you have suffered damages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by US FDA
    Multiple defects (MPM-V89)
    Average of 10% or more peanuts by count are rejects (insect- infested, moldy, rancid, otherwise decomposed, and dirty)

    DEFECT SOURCE: Insect infested - post harvest and/or processing infestation, Mold - preharvest and/or post harvest and/or processing infection, Rancid & decomposed - post harvest abuse
    SIGNIFICANCE: Aesthetic, Potential health hazard - may contain mycotoxin producing fungi
    Did you count the exact number of peantes-with-bugs vs. those-without? What % were infested?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tranquility
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    This is just a copy and paste from another post but it seems to fit in this instance too.

    The only cause of action you have is replacement of the defective product. You did not win the deep pockets lottery. If it was possible for everyone to claim they suffered mental anguish and physical distress over every food product that does not "look normal", and successfully sue for it, the courts would be packed and the store shelves would be empty. If you want to throw money away, go ahead. You will probably find an attorney that will gladly take your money even if would make him and you look like idiots in the court room.

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    U.s. Law Only!

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    Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to buy my husband some peanuts.

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    Yeah I wouldn't actually sue over this, I was just wondering if this was a serious enough problem to warrant somebody to sue. Should I contact the company, and inform them of this?

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