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    Evil Rabbit Guest

    Postmark Date Law

    What is the name of your state? Ohio
    A letter was due on the 15th.
    The letter was being mailed localy.
    If the postmark date was on or before the 15th, is that still acceptable?
    The recieving party/company did not clarify anything about this in their Terms of Service and I want to know if I look to a law, or set of laws to clarify this.

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    ChicagoLawyer Guest
    Generally, the post mark will control. Like the IRS, as long as you get it in the mail by midnite 4/15, your taxes are not late.

    However, the general rule can be altered. It depends on the nature of the letter at issue, the recipient, the reasons, etc. So, it is hard to say in your specific instance. Not enough info.

    Find someone local and talk to them.

    This response is intended as general information only and does not constitute as legal advice or form any attorney/client relationship.

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    Evil Rabbit Guest
    Thank you.

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    I would like to add that if your bill was due on the 15th, just because the envelope is postmarked for that day does make the bill paid on time. The payment must be in possession of the creditor on that day, not in the mail.

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    Evil Rabbit Guest
    Actually I'm not talkign about in their possesion.
    I'm talking about that it must be mailed by the 15th.
    It was mailed on the15th

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    Evil Rabbit Guest
    wrong thread maybe?

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    No, another idiot pushing his software. He will be banned soon.

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