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    Returning a new motorcycle

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Arizona

    I purchased a new motorcyle yesterday. I had it delivered to my house.

    later that day, I checked the mail and was hit by a medical bill atomic bomb!

    I recently had a medical problem taken care of, but I had no idea the costs would be so high, even with my deductible. I checked with my insurance co. and found the charges were correct.

    Suddenly, I found myself in a position without enough income to cover my new debt. I made sure not to ride or even start the bike, and I called the dealer this morning to plead my case. I begged him to take it back, even offering to pay a fee for his trouble. He will absolutely not budge.

    I then called Yamaha financing and begged for help. No how no way. I then called the manufacturer and got the same answer.

    I want to do the right thing. However, I know I can't pay for the bike, and I see no alternative but to try to return it. The only other option is to default and let it be re-possesed, an option I refuse to consider.

    What should my next move be? I really need help!
    Brian Souza

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    You may need to sell your new bike and take out a loan for the balance.

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