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    Unhappy Sue Sprint in small claims

    I'm trying to sue Sprint for billing me their early termination charge (ETF).
    I would like to sue them for a $350 charge plus some amount to make up for the inconvenience and the 15 I spent in total on this.

    I would like to know if I can sue them in my local small claims court or do I need to take it to their home state?
    Do I have to notify Sprint or give them a 30 days warning before suing?
    I would also appreciate any tips or advice about this process


    This is the story in short (I documented the below interactions in writing):
    I moved to a new place with my Sprint phone and I couldn't get good reception and 3G in most of my apartment. The phone became unusable. I called them and they sent me to a store to get updates which that didn't help at all. Then, they sent me a signal-boosting device which didn't work either. I spent about 8 hours on the phone with them trying to troubleshoot that device. Then, after speaking to 6-7 reps, I got to someone who said that there's nothing they can do other than sending me another signal-boosting device and try again. I refused and asked to get out of my contract without paying ETF (this happened a month after I signed a two years contract with them). He agreed and I went ahead and switched to a different provider.
    a month and a half later I get a bill from them with the ETF. I called and explained the situation. I spoke to 5 reps over an hour and a half. They all told me that their notes say I was told that I will have to pay ETF. I told them that is not true and repeatedly asked them to listen to the call and see. I also told them that regardless of any notes, Sprint ended the contract with me by not providing service. That did not agree to credit the fee or to locate the call.

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    1. Did you actually pay the ETF?

    2. Did you read the small print on your contract pertaining to no guarantee of service, and early cancellations?

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    if you read your contract im sure they dont guarantee service inside a structure

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    Quote Originally Posted by sueSprintInVA View Post
    Do I have to notify Sprint or give them a 30 days warning before suing?
    I don't see why unless your contract specifies this; you may wish to chk your contract for any binding arbitration requirements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pac72 View Post
    if you read your contract im sure they dont guarantee service inside a structure
    I've never seen a service guarantee PERIOD. They'd be foolish to make such.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I did not pay the fee yet.

    I'm aware of the fact that there is no service guarantee in the contract and that it states that there will be an ETF. However, I'm hoping that a judge would agree that they fail to provide me with reasonably expected service, and therefore I should be free to leave without a fine.

    But even if that fails, I would expect a court to force them to honor a word from their rep.

    And even if all fails, do I have something to lose from trying? (other than the filing fees).
    Does anyone know if I can sue in my local small claims court?

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    You can't sue somebody for a bill they sent that you are refusing to pay. If anything, they will be the ones suing you.

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