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    Tag with wrong Price

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? NEW YORK

    Hi Everyone,

    I went to the Pharmacy next to my house to buy something I needed . I found the product desired by me, I check the price in the tag before to buy it, the price was $ 41.00. So, when I went to pay that, the cashier told the real price was not $ 41.00 but $ 72.00. I showed her the tag price (the product had 3 tag prices of $ 41.00).I asked to talk to the Manager to try to fix the problem. When I got the Manager, she told me the price was wrong and she did not agree to sell the product at the price from the tag. I did not buy the product, and I got angry about that.

    My question is: Did I have the right to buy the product at the price tag in the product, or is that kind of wrong normal and acceptable?



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    Not real sure there is any law requiring the merchant to care, yet. Here is a link to proposed legislation for New York that would require correct marking and provide penalties if not followed.


    I haven't found anything else concerning price marking laws. Maybe "you are guilty" will catch this thread and respond. He should be able to give you a definitive answer.

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    If it was a legit mistake, of course they are not required to honor it. (If this was part of some sort of deceptive advertising, then there may be a problem).

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    Thanks for your interest in help. I'll read more about that question to know more about my rights. Thank you guys.

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    I think the issue is simple, they had actually a wrong price tag in it. Now if you want to complain for that, you have every right to do that, but then you can forgive them for the mistake. It could have been serious, but didn't go that far.

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