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    Wedding dj trying to rip me off??

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? pa

    So i just got married and im having an issue with my dj. we entered into a contract saying he would do my wedding day, etc, all that is fine. what is bothering me is that after the wedding he walks up to my wife and hands her a bill for coming to the rehearsal dinner. Him coming to the dinner was not in the contract, nothing stating in the contract that if he comes there is an extra charge. What happen was a couple days before the dinner he calls my wife and asks if he can come to the rehearsal to set up and check the place out because he has never been there before. My wife says that sure she doesn't care thinking he is just trying to be professional and getting prepared for the job he was hired to do. they did not discuss any billing about him coming to the rehearsal dinner. Unfortantly this guy sucked and i got alot of complaints about him throughout the night and i dont think he deserves any more than he got. Is this bill he handed my wife legal? Am i obligated to pay this or can i just say no have a nice day we signed a contract and you coming to this dinner was not in this contract? Thank you to anyone who can help me in advance

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    Dispute the bill in writing and let him sue you. Then you can both tell your stories in court and let a judge decide.

    I've never heard of a DJ needing to come the day before an event to set up.

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    If the contract doesn't specify payment for the rehersal, then i can't imagine them winning in court. They felt the need to have a written contract for the wedding but not the rehersal? I'd double check that contract if i was you.

    Tell them to take you to Judge Judy.....and congratulations on your marriage

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    I'm with the other two responses. Check the contract. If it states nothing about the rehearsal dinner and compensation, then you aren't on the hook for the rehearsal dinner, as there was never an agreement to those terms. Furthermore, the DJ withholding a material fact from your wife (that he was going to charge you for checking out the venue) seems a little off or even fraudulent. Good Luck to you and your spouse! Good luck in fighting off DJ Scammer!

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