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    Is it trademark/copyright infringement to add Mickey Mouse ears to text?

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? MN

    A friend of mine wants me design a t-shirt that says "Birthday Boy" and "Birthday Girl" and put Mickey Mouse type ears on the "O" in boy and the "G" in girl.

    I mocked up a design and it has black lettering outlined in pink around the birthday girl letters and blue for the boy. The birthday girl "G" has round ears with a solid pink bow in between the ears. The O in birthday boy has round ears on top and then on the bottom of the O is a solid yellow bowtie. I'm sure most people will most likely associate the typographical treatment with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but they could also suggest a teddy bear too.

    Would I be infringing if I offered this t-shirt design for sale?

    Thank you for any advice you can provide

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    Ask Disney how they feel about it

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    Disney is pretty vicious in defense of it's trademarks, but I've not found any mention of actions over the ears. Not to say it is safe, but you have to ask yourself: would someone think those are "Mickey Mouse" ears or just generic ears on things. If the former, you will have a hard time defending your position against Disney.

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