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    Dentist Pulled good teeth

    What is the name of your state? Ohio

    I went to a dentist and explaind I had face pain. He took X-rays and pano-X-rays. He told me he didn't know what was wrong or why I was having the pain. I was 27 at the time and explained that my mother had the same pain and 20 years ago she contracted gingivitis and the dentists pulled her teeth and she never had that pain again. He refered me to another dentist and he told me that my teeth looked to be in good shape that the pain would go away if I had all of my upper Teeth removed. I was not really oposted to it because I was not real happy with the way my smile was. I was told by the dentist that my smile would be perfect with the dentures. They got the proceedure autorised by my insurance and 2 weeks later they numbed me up and pulled all my top teeth and fitted me with a denture the same day.The denture I was fitted with needed adjustment because it was hitting my front bottem tooth and causing pain. The doctor could not see me soon enough so I went to another dentist and the dentist was horofide at the fact he pulled my good teeth and fitted me with a denture at only age 27. He also noted that if there was a real reason to pull the teeth out they should have been cut out not pulled to save bone. He in addition found that my face in the roof of my mouth was split from the pulling of the teeth. I was told that this would be the answer to my pain and my smile and it has been. I have no pain and my smile is nice now. But having dentures is a live changing thing. I have a mouth full of plastic, I don't chew my food well , I don't taste my food as well. I can't kiss passionitly and anything else that requires useing my mouth for long peroids of time is not possible. I can be speeking to someone and suddenly they come loose and I have to stop talking for fear that someone will notice that I have dentures. And then there is the other pain and that is eating anything that is chewy wow it hurts. It has been 11 months since I had it done and I would never have it done again. What kind of recourse do I have. How much is our teeth really worth?

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    Dentist sounds like a butcher. Consult with an attorney, for certain. In the mean time, try this site.

    You may also want to read "dental issues" under this med mal forum.



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    1) you suggested to the dentist the removal of your teeth for at least two reasons: pain and wanting a better smile
    2) the second dentist explained the procedure and you agreed
    3) the insurance company paid for the procedures, which means the procedures met their requirments for payment of benefits
    4) you achieved your goals of eliminating the original pain and improving your smile
    5) now, you have regrets

    There is no guarantee that cutting vs pulling would have yielded any different results as each procedure requires removing roots from the bone and that leaves holes and holes don't always heal at the same level; so, there is no guarantee of smoothness. And--just because one dentist says another way of extraction may have yielded a smoother line, doesn't mean you have a claim of malpractice against anyone. You don't.

    I am appalled by this procedure on a 27 year-old man, but it is not the first time I have heard of this being done. It is cheaper than braces, cheaper than cosmetic capping of all of the teeth, etc. In some families and in some areas, this is an excepted and normal way of handling dental problems--pull them all, get dentures, and be done with it.

    This site has attorney listings for most states; if you wish to locate an attorney from this referral site, go to the home page of this site and click on attorney referrals. Most attorneys provide free consultations for malpractice claims, but I feel sure your situation can be handled with a simple phone call.

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