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    Kohler Shower door explodes in hands.

    I have just finished re-modelling a bathroom, and the final stage was to install a glass shower door.
    My Son and Nephew were helping me, and we had already completed the stages of fitting the side panel and threshold. When we removed the 42 inch wide door from the box, and manouvered it into position to hang, the thing just exploded into a million pieces of flying glass! I suffered many minor cuts and nicks to my head, neck, forearms and hands. My Son was fortunately wearing a heavy sweater so only had one small cut to his hand. The flying glass, also caused minor damage to the new shower tray, vanity unit and paintwork. It took 2 hours to clean up the mess.
    When I called Kohler, they were apologetic, and said that this happen's with tempered glass in one in every 10,000 doors, and is known as spontaneous breakage. They offered to send me a replacement in about 2 weeks, but that's about it.
    My question is... What should I be doing about this? Should I be looking for compensation, and if so what sort of amount?
    They tell me they have sent the e-mailed pictures of the damage and my injuries to their corporate Insurance company, but they haven't contacted me.
    I'm not looking to get rich out of this, but feel they should be at least offering to replace the door and refund the purchase price. I would also like them to install the new one, as the terror of that experience of the glass exploding in our hands is still fresh in our minds.
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Legally, you're entitled to a replacement door (or the value of said door). Also, you would be entitled to be reimbursed for any medical care you received.

    Anything more they would be doing on a "good-will" basis.

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    What happens is that it was probably stressed somewhere in manufacture, shipping, or even when you were handling it. The million pieces is what it is designed to do. It would be much worse if it turned into large lacerating shards of glass.

    They're offer to replace the door is more than they are obligated to do.
    You work with tempered glass, this is always a possibility.

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    Why do you think you should get a FREE door instead of just the door you paid for? You got a defective part and they are replacing it, that's all you get.

    And 1 in 10000 is a really small number. The chances of another door exploding on you is miniscule. The manufacturer, I'm sure, does not employ installation crews, and I don't see where you'd have a case to insist they pay for you to hire one. You can ask, but be prepared to take no for an answer.

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    Especially when you haven't shown that Kohler has any responsibility, there offer to replace it is generous. For all they know, you smacked the edge of the thing against the toilet which will shatter it. Kohler is pretty good about things. I miscut the top channel on my door and fessed up and they just sent me another free of charge.

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    MartyC4. You obviously do not understand why shower doors are tempered glass. The doors, by DESIGN, are meant to shatter in small pieces when they are over-stressed, slammed, and mishandled. Even over-tightening the fittings will cause the tempered glass to let go.

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    Enough of the lame posts Marty, they are pointless on this forum. Forward them to Kohler if you are trying to prove something.

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    In honor of JetX ~ Somnambulist University
    Not only did this idiot hijack the thread, but he has decided to tell us about every shower door that has shattered in the freakin country.

    Enough Marty, go be a hero and champion your cause on your My Space - quit littering our forum with this useless cacophony and jibberish.

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