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    Lightbulb OK- This in response to reply left to me..long

    Hello All,
    I am sure this going to get a lot of views...
    This really for one or two people who replyed to my post...
    1. You will find, I am trying to find it in my book marks..
    about being addicted to drugs for a high or for pain relife....
    I am about 4 or 5 years a head of everything you posted, except the neurontin! Which I just did some research about.....
    This Med. appears to cause stomch problems, and it is very pricie $$$$$..
    If you recall I have no med. ins.. I pay cash..
    also I belive I did refer to the fact that I can't take antni. imflam., or ibphron,
    or any anitidepressents..
    The first few things said about this drug were related to stomch problem's,
    I might have for got to mention I have i.b.s.(iertable bowel sym.)
    Did you know that valuim is used as a mussle relaxer???? and it helps with the ibs.. also?? by relaxing stomch mussels...or bowel mussels..

    Now this neurontin you talk about my understanding of what I just read is it is very adictive aslo., and have real bad side effects....
    It is a anit sezier drug!! Which I am sure like valuim can be used for other things.
    Some people on my support groupe take it.. they say they did not get much or little relife alot of stomch problems/nausa.. so bad they talk about for what little relife from pain they get, they wounder if the being sick is worht it..some of them are on 900 mgs...
    Now this is just a ?? not being a smart but....
    Would'nt this med. be messing with the chem. in my brain?? like the prozac did???

    Just for the record I do have a cause for my pain.. I fell head first down six stairs. it not from stress, yes stress and anxity incres the pain so I try to stay out of stress full suitations.. (that would be a copeing skill)
    I have been in pain ever sence...
    Never had this befor the fall...
    and it dose not get better..
    My Digos. is
    I have riped and torn mussels from the top of my neck to just below were a bra stap would sit!!
    Then while I was trying to keep on working I pinched a nerve in my lower back...
    Which befor the methadone I had non stop shooting pain from middle of back out to middle of butt shoots stright down to my foot...
    that was also 24 7..
    The edge has been taken off that so I now can take my son for a walk..
    Acording to some dr.s and some things i have been looking into..
    unless they can find a way to replace mussles in youur back (which ther are alot) I am going to be on pain.. They also now try some kind of brain stem surgy!(not for me) trial stage, a dr. had it done and he had no relife. not into letting some cut into my neck!!
    The other new one is some kind of elect. inplant around the ears I think, to stop the waves from getting to brain, what tens, unit is to do but this is inplanted into your head or neck area! not for me !!!

    the (fm) is on top of the truma to my body from the fall..
    I did not just wake up in pain one day....
    and I also made myself worse by working for 4 years after I was told to stop...
    I was give the elivle (what ever the other one you talked about), that was way back i think it did nothing or did stomch problems....
    my understandung is I am going to be treated with meds. probley for the rest of my life..
    my dr. is try to use the ones I can afford, and do the least amount of damage to my major organs... maybe he is lieing??

    Back to why I posted in the first place...
    Is a dr. liable for what happened to me, I do have a injury from it to my knee..
    and I lost a JOB.
    It was perscibe (not by the pain specialest)...
    a new familey dr. who had a list of all the meds. I take...
    And he also has a supior dr. to over see him ,
    it was persibed for PMS.
    sorry so long..

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    No, the doctor is not liable for what happened to you.

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