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    small business, liability waiver

    What is the name of your state? Pennsylvania. I am in need of direction. I would like to start work before I am insured. I am a massage therapist, looking for a legal form of a waiver incase of a malpractic suit. Yes, I know it will not protect me but I would still like to have all my future clients sign a waiver. Any one I can contact to get info would be helpful. Thank you, February.

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    What you need is a consent to treat with a statement explaining the known risks of the treatment(s) and a contract for payment for services. I suggest that you read and follow the massage therapist practice act for your state and follow their example consent to treat (if one is available; and if massage therapist must be licensed in your state).

    As a Legal Nurse Consultant, I would use (against you) your premeditated intent to deceive and deny the client his or her right to seek and receive a legal remedy to any act of negligence with resulting damage.

    I hope you will reconsider your intent to have a client sign a worthless document whose only purpose is to intimidate the client into believing he or she must accept without complaint whatever damage you may do as a result of your negligent act(s).

    Best wishes,

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