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    Alabama judgement collection questions...

    What is the name of your state? AL

    I won a small claims judgement for $1666.00 and the other side (he had an attorney) filed a Motion to Reconsider. We went before the Judge and he denied their Motion.

    So, it has been since 3/9/08 and I have not been paid any money or heard of any appeal.

    How long should I wait before I send a formal demand letter?

    What can I do to collect? Should I file a Motion to Levy? Should I file for a hearing in order to obtain a listing of assets, prepare to have the Sherrif take his owned items and auction them?

    Need some direction. Thank you for any help. He owns a business, a home free and clear, a bunch of vehicles, etc.

    If I hire a collection agency can those costs be passed on to him?

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    If you have a judgment and there have been no stays, you can proceed with post judgment collection immediately. The process varies from state to state, but generally, the first thing you do is your demand letter; then assuming no or unacceptable response, there is a process that allows you to examine the judgment debtor to determine if there are any assets that can be attached to satisfy the judgment. This typically takes the form of a citation to discover assets or a deposition. If there are no assets, your only recourse is wage garnishment if the Judgment Debtor is employed. If there are other non-exempt assets, presumably they can be attached via levys etc.

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    Judgment Collection

    I am a professional judgment recovery specialist. It is my experience that demand letters are a waste of paper. I still send them out because in some jurisdictions it is required. Questions to ask are is the debtor employed? Does the debtor have any assets like houses, cars, businesses. Does the debtor have a bank account? Collecting the judgment is only possible if the debtor has something to collect.

    I recommend that you run an asset/employment/bank account search on the debtor. With the information obtained from these searches, you will then create your collection strategy. There are forms that will need to be completed to start the collection.

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    Even if the ideas had merit, which they do not, the effort to re-direct traffic to another site is a violation of the rules of the forum. This forum is not the first place and this is not the first time. I encourage the administrators to delete this and the preceding post and to ban the member, who is solely intent on misguided self-promotion.

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